Hunger Games

The Hunger Games: Yes, I’ve read all of the books because they’re amazing, but no I haven’t yet seen the film. (Wifey and I plan to this weekend, though.)

As I work on putting the finishing touches on my Lower Back Exercise replacement post, I stumbled on this video interview of the strength and conditioning coach who worked with Jennifer Lawrence for her role as Katniss in the new Hunger Games movie that just came out. Thought I would share it with you…

Click here for the video link!

It’s worth talking about too, because I thought it was interesting and very cool that her six week program included a lot of very functional training, such as archery-specific strengthening (rear shoulder, upper back, core, etc.), climbing trees, jumping over logs, and SKIPPING! I know that I’ve always been able to find something really fun to add into my workouts that’s a little unique and helps to keep it interesting. Of course, I don’t necessarily go climb trees…but I have found a love for going on walks through wooded trails. My wife and I both love to do that together and we will Baby-Bjorn (that can be a cerb right?)our little daughter for added challenge too! It’s a great way to get aerobic exercise, while also strengthening our legs and core as we maneuver over logs, climb hills, and have some long stretches of flat area.

What unique exercises have you found to keep it interesting? It’s surprising how effective things like skipping, hiking, and climbing trees can be for your fitness…go out and find something this week that you enjoy doing that still gives you a workout!
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Next ERM post coming soon…and it’s a long one :)

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